How to stop abortion

I’m probably going to be unable to say anything that you haven’t heard before, but nevertheless, I feel it needs saying.

This anti-abortion article on abortion was shared on my facebook feed and it made me. So. Angry.

For one thing, the article itself is abhorrent. Comparing black women to the KKK and people who lynched people of colour is disgusting in the extreme.

Women do not want to get abortions. I guarantee that no one has ever set out to get pregnant just so that they can have that pregnancy terminated. The process is upsetting, uncomfortable and, at times, expensive. To imagine women who have abortions as callous, unfeeling people is unfair and cruel. One cannot know another’s experiences; do not judge someone who has had an abortion. You cannot know their circumstances or reasons.

For one thing, you can never stop abortion. You can stop legal abortion, and relatively easily. But you cannot stop abortion. People have been performing amateur and unsafe abortions almost as long as they have been conceiving.

The methods for amateur abortion are almost always unsafe, often causing an infection at best and death of the woman at worst. And any woman, desperate enough for whatever reason to perform or undergo these unsafe practices, may then be too terrified to seek medical help for their condition.

If life is sacred, then what about the right of a pregnant person not to die?

Legal abortion cannot be stopped, for that matter. There will sadly always be women who, for whatever reason, are incapable physically or mentally of carrying a baby to term and/or delivering it. in this case, it is a medical necessity to perform an abortion, even if the baby is desperately wanted. Any and all “no abortion is okay” rhetoric is extremely upsetting and cruel to people who cannot physically bear children.

There will also be foetuses that will not survive out of the womb. Abortion is a choice that some parents may make to spare their child the agonising minutes, days, or hours which would otherwise be their only experience of life.

Rape and incest are also, horribly, things which cannot be eradicated. But safe, legal, supportive abortion can help minimise the consequences for the victim.

There are some women, unfortunately, who are not in the financial or social situation to safely raise a child. To knowingly bring a child into a world where their most basic needs cannot and will not be met could arguably be called child abuse or neglect. Forcing women to have children that they cannot support forces more children to go through ill-health and suffering.

No one is required to risk their life for another person in any other circumstance. If someone is undergoing chemotherapy and needs a bone marrow transfusion, you cannot force a matching person to donate their bone marrow, even if the other person will die. If someone cannot be forced to donate bone marrow, a short and (now) mostly painless procedure, how can someone be expected to carry a dependent organism inside them for 3/4 of a year and then deliver it with no choice in the matter?

Anyone who is anti-abortion and reading this, I do however have some good news for you: abortion can be minimised. The number of them can be reduced dramatically, and easily.

Access to and education on contraception reduces the rate of teen pregnancy. Sources:

So there we are. How to stop abortion!

Even if you don’t agree with any of the above,


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